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You deserve Flowers and Chocolates

Gifting Yourself Flowers and Chocolates

Cupid is on his way and he’s pointing his arrow at you!

Have you ever sent yourself flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s day? Not to discredit any loved ones in your life or any loving relationships that you want to celebrate. We’re all for celebrating LOVE in all positive forms. This month our focus has been Self-Love and so our Valentine’s activity is geared towards Self.

We should celebrate ourselves on a daily basis and strive to perpetually treat ourselves with kindness. Self-Love isn’t selfish. Let’s make Self-Love a priority and lead by example for our youngsters.

If you’re looking for a way to encourage your child to practice self-love, please take advantage of our free Valentine’s Activity Sheet. The activity combines some reflection about what we love most about ourselves and crafty fun with the options of colouring, cutting and pasting!

Send us a photo of your completed Activity Sheet to and we’ll post the photo in our Bellivision Kids section.

To access the free Valentine’s Activity Sheet, follow this link to our Activity Sheet webpage:

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