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Why Teach Our Kids Self-Love

Hey Friend,

We love this topic of Self-Love!

We want to encourage our kids to acknowledge and value the things that make them happy, and avoid the pressure of making others happy. It’s the true path to knowing your self-worth.

Self-love is about:

  1. knowing yourself

  2. knowing what you’re good at

  3. knowing what you’re not good at

  4. saying nice things to yourself

  5. loving yourself

I like this quote from Dorothy Ratusny’s article The Importance Of Teaching Children Self-Love (, who says: “You cultivate authentic happiness by teaching your children to appreciate their unique and special talents and strengths”

Personally, I’m in my thirties and just starting to dive into what authenticity looks like for me.

Children shouldn’t be taught to compare themselves to others nor should they look at others for approval. Children shouldn’t feel discouraged for being different and rather should recognize and celebrate their uniqueness.

Now, if we flip the focus on you, the parent/caregiver, you might be interested in this idea for your children because it’s something that you struggle with yourself. Perhaps, as a child, you were made to feel different and less-adequate. We are 3 loving women here to tell you that you are beautiful, amazing and so worth it! You are capable, worthy and have a lot to offer this world. There’s no need to compare to others. By embracing a positive self-loving attitude, you are showing your kids a very valuable life lesson that leads towards happiness.

Happiness is found within, find what that is and help your kids develop the skills for self-acceptance and finding their true happiness.

You are adequate, you are exactly the way you should be. Your physical appearance, your quirky personality, your talents are all special and perfect!

Our Activity Sheets are tools you can use with your kids to spark conversations around Self-Love. To access your free Activity Sheets, follow this link to our Activity Sheet webpage:

As always, please send us a photo of your completed Activity Sheet to and we’ll post the photo in our Bellivision Kids section.

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