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Welcome to Bellivision House

Hello There! Welcome to Bellivision House, a place where kids can feel empowered and proud to practice Self-Love (and adults too!)

You are perfect exactly the way YOU are!

To us, the name Bellivision means “Beautiful-view” or a “Beautiful Perspective”, it’s important to practice having a beautiful view about yourself, about others, and the world around you.

We’ve created Activity Sheets and Books (Coming soon!) that encourage kids and parents to start practicing Self-Love exercises at a young age to build gratitude, appreciation, and to know that they are worthy of love – especially worthy of loving oneself.

Who we are

We’re not just a small group that feel like family, we actually are FAMILY. We are 3 cousins who want to share our experiences to help build a safe community of communication, self-love, self-compassion and strength.

We started talking about creating a community like this over a year ago when we noticed there is very little support out there which encourages practicing self-love and self compassion for children. With having 5 daughters among the three of us, we wanted to do something about it. Also, we know as parents, we could always use some extra support, so why not share our experiences and practices - sharing is caring!

We’ve each experienced our own battles and struggles with anxiety, depression, confidence and self-love. We also know, as our girls get older, the influence from media, peers and even clothing-lines will start creating doubt in their confidence. We want to help them build a solid foundation of self-love and self-acceptance, so when these battles confront them, they'll be ready. Of course, this doesn't apply only to girls. Boys and men have silently struggled with the same battles.

In the end, we want to support our children the best we can so that they can grow to be confident and kind individuals in our society. If we can help other children and adults along the way, maybe we can make a difference in this body-shaming and taboo mental illness culture.

Bellivision House team circa early 1990s

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