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Our 3 Favourite books for the Easter season

Hello Spring, We're so happy to see you!

It's a wonderful feeling knowing that warm weather and new springtime growth is right around the corner. Spring and Easter are about new beginnings. It's a perfect opportunity to begin the new season with kindness - towards others and ourselves.

Do you give gifts at Easter time? Books are a great gift idea for kids and we're sharing our top 3 favourite children's books that have an Easter theme and focus on kindness.

The Rabbit Listened

This is a heart-warming story that teaches the reader about the kind way to comfort a friend who is dealing with a difficult situation.

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Rechenka's Egg

This is a beautiful story where Babushka shows kindness and caring towards a friend in need, and amazing miracles happen.

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The Good Egg

This is a story about the pressure of trying to be perfect, he even starts to crack under all the pressure. The good egg decides to make some necessary changes to develop a more healthy and kind attitude towards himself.

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Much love,

Bellivision House Team

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